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Having Auto-Body Repairs Done On Your Car? 4 Money-Saving Tips to Consider

28 November

If you own a car, you will inevitably need auto body repair work done at some point. These repairs can be quite expensive. Therefore, before taking your car to an auto body shop, you will want to think about the repair costs, especially if you are on a budget. Fortunately, here are a few tips […]

How to Spot the Signs of a Failing Diesel Pump

02 November

The diminutive diesel pump has a significant role to play in keeping your vehicle on the road. It therefore pays for you to be aware of the typical symptoms associated with a diesel pump that is on the way out, so you can take proper action before it fails completely. What should you be looking […]

How to Keep Your Truck Tyres Running Reliably

26 September

Unlike small cars, which are primarily designed to transport people and lightweight luggage, trucks are designed to carry a sizeable amount of loads. That’s why many people in the transport business generally rely on these vehicles to move the extra-heavy loads to different locations. Although they are specifically built to perform jobs involving the transportation […]

Signs of Car Trouble You Shouldn’t Overlook

30 August

Your car doesn’t need to actually sputter out and die for it to need important servicing and repair, and it may not always smoke from under the hood when it’s suffering excessive wear and tear either. There are some signs of car trouble that you shouldn’t overlook even though you can turn over the engine […]

Stringing Along: Detecting And Repairing Damage To Stringers On Fibreglass Boats

08 August

At first glance, the hull of a fibreglass boat can seem almost seamless, but in actuality the hull of your fibreglass boat has a number of reinforcing structures built into it, to provide strength and protect against impact damage. Among these structures, perhaps the most important are the stringers — these are rigid members that […]

Some Commonly Asked Questions About a Car’s Gearbox Repairs

19 July

A car’s gearbox and entire transmission system is very important, as of course you can’t drive your car if you can’t switch gears or if the car constantly slides from one gear to another. Ignoring needed repairs can mean allowing a problem to get worse so that the transmission may simply burn up completely and […]

Five Tips for Storing Tyres During the Summer

29 June

If you have tyres you aren’t using and you want to put them in storage, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind if you want the tyres to stay in good condition. If you are storing your tyres during the hot months of summer, there are special seasonal tips that can […]

Coming to Backpack Australia? 5 Reasons Hiring a Car Beats Hiring a Campervan

10 June

Backpackers who are heading to Australia often take a road trip during their travels. Many of them think that hiring a campervan is the way to go; what could be better than driving your own mini-home through the country’s sites and cities? Unfortunately, it’s often easy to forget about the problems that come along with […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Access Equipment for Hire

19 May

The right access equipment can make quick work of any job at an elevated height; access equipment refers to crane lifts, cherry pickers, scaffolding, and other such pieces. Many of these pieces are available for hire, for either professional contractors on a jobsite or for you to use at home. Having a wide variety of […]

How to Ensure that the Courier Delivers Your Cake Safely

27 April

The owners of fragile items need to work with couriers in order to ensure that their items arrive at their destinations safely. This article discusses some measures that you can take to help the courier to deliver your freshly baked cakes safely to their destination. Freeze the Cakes You can keep your cakes fresh and […]