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Signs of Car Trouble You Shouldn’t Overlook

30 August

Your car doesn’t need to actually sputter out and die for it to need important servicing and repair, and it may not always smoke from under the hood when it’s suffering excessive wear and tear either. There are some signs of car trouble that you shouldn’t overlook even though you can turn over the engine […]

Stringing Along: Detecting And Repairing Damage To Stringers On Fibreglass Boats

08 August

At first glance, the hull of a fibreglass boat can seem almost seamless, but in actuality the hull of your fibreglass boat has a number of reinforcing structures built into it, to provide strength and protect against impact damage. Among these structures, perhaps the most important are the stringers — these are rigid members that […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Access Equipment for Hire

19 May

The right access equipment can make quick work of any job at an elevated height; access equipment refers to crane lifts, cherry pickers, scaffolding, and other such pieces. Many of these pieces are available for hire, for either professional contractors on a jobsite or for you to use at home. Having a wide variety of […]

How to Ensure that the Courier Delivers Your Cake Safely

27 April

The owners of fragile items need to work with couriers in order to ensure that their items arrive at their destinations safely. This article discusses some measures that you can take to help the courier to deliver your freshly baked cakes safely to their destination. Freeze the Cakes You can keep your cakes fresh and […]

Important Questions to Ask When Arranging Heavy-Duty Equipment Transportation

21 March

When renting heavy-duty equipment, or if you own your own equipment, you may run into some specialized transport needs. If the company from which you rent the equipment cannot move it for you between jobs, you would need to arrange your own heavy machinery transport. Even if the company from which you rent your equipment […]

Selecting the Ideal Material for Your Auto Nudge Bars

18 February

The nudge bar is an important device that you should think about installing on your vehicle. This is especially beneficial if you frequently drive your car or truck in rural regions. Basically, the nudge bar, which is also called the roo bar, will prevent the front part of your vehicle from collapsing in case it […]

Four Limo Etiquette Tips to Keep in Mind

26 January

If you are planning on renting a limo for a special event, there is more to think about than the price and being sure you schedule it advance. You also need to keep proper etiquette rules in mind. You may not be fully aware of proper limo etiquette since nobody told you, or because this […]

Recycled Auto Parts: Used, Rebuilt and Manufactured

11 January

Modern vehicles are designed and manufactured for long-term durability and consistent performance. However, the quality of service must be promoted through regular maintenance and repair of the components. You must also replace some worn-out and damaged parts to restore ideal functionality. Unfortunately, the process of replacing auto parts in your vehicle can be an expensive […]

Filter Components to Consider Replacing When Servicing Your Car

18 December

The same way you delight in inhaling a breath of fresh air, your car also requires a sufficient supply of clean air into its various components in order to run properly. That explains why most cars have fuel filtration systems designed to capture any pollen, dirt, pollutants and contaminants that may come with keeping your […]

How to Enjoy New Car Technology without Putting Your Privacy at Risk

03 December

Today, new cars are being equipped with different technologies geared at making driving easy. The new cars also come equipped to enable the drivers to remain connected to the rest of the world. However, some of those technologies have the potential to allow unauthorised access to the private information of car owners. This article discusses […]